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Board of Trustee Election Are Coming in May.... Something to Think About?

ALL Welcome this Tuesday 17 May in the Staffroom at 6:00pm to meet the Board - find out more about being a Board member.


 Everyone should have received your Nomination Forms by now!

Red Beach School Board Elections
Happen Very Soon

Every 3 years Board elections are held in all schools to elect a group of parents to govern the school. In May, as a parent of care giver of someone at RBS, it is your opportunity to vote but also to consider standing this term.

What Do I Need to Think About?

If your keen to contribute to the success of all our RBS learners, it is to make sure that your school is run in the best interests of our students and our community. You will also:

  • Ensure the school has a clear sense of purpose by establishing its strategic objectives, documenting these objectives in a school charter, and monitoring progress in achieving these objectives
  • Set priorities and goals for improvement of learning and achievement in the school
  • Seek assurance from the management (principal and senior staff) that the programmes being implemented in the school can achieve the goals
  • Monitor the school’s performance against student achievement outcomes
  • Seek assurance from the school's management that the school's resources are being used optimally to deliver the agreed outcomes, ensuring, for example, that resources are available to ensure the knowledge and skills of the teachers are up to date
  • Be accountable for the exercise of decision-making rights

From the Current Board Chair

I've had the pleasure of being on the Red Beach Board for just about 9 years and it's very much been a rewarding and two way experience.  I initially put myself up for election to be able to contribute to shaping the future of where my kids went to school.  The environment has always been a positive one with a group of other parents, and of course the school professionals who run and manage Red Beach School so well.
The role gives you a real insight to how schools run of course, and you have a voice in how our children of today should progress from a governance perspective. The uniqueness of RBS starts with its core, an embedded vision which drives almost all aspects of school life - and one the Board strongly supports.

Think strongly about putting your name up for the May election,

Board Chair

Becoming a School Trustee – this three minute motion graphic briefly outlines what trusteeship is all about.