Our School

Lifelong Learning

Take Risks, Questions, Self-motivates, Make connections, Set goals and plans, Perseveres, Reflects

Our aim is to develop in our students the capability, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be learners for life.

Learning Foundations

The ability to read, write and be numerate

Our children are very much involved in understanding and self-monitoring their own progress in these areas and with the assistance of their teacher will report to their parents on their own progress.  The children's individual learning pathways in these  areas are monitored carefully and where extra support is needed this is provided.

The Hearts

Respect, Inclusion, Care, Honesty
"To be an achiever you must be rich in heart"

Our aim is to intentionally develop in our students the qualities that will enable them to relate well to other people within any community in the world.

Powerful Learning

Investigate own wonderings, solve their own queries and problems

We have designed our own simple "powerful learning process", which our students are taught how to utilize in an independent manner.  It is our aim that this process will become simply part of what our students do, as they leave our school to enter their next phase of life.