School Context

School Context                   

Students’ Learning and Engagement

At Red Beach School we believe in order to personalise learning, the pathways of Participate, Collaborate and Celebrate must be interconnected.

We celebrate learning outcomes for all our students. By offering students a broad education they are given opportunities to achieve success and realise their own potential.  The children are clear about what they are learning and their next learning steps through the utilisation of the Red Beach School learning progressions.

The Red Beach School community strongly values education and achievement.  Learning is focused through the use of the Red Beach School Concept Curriculum, which encourages students to follow their own learning pathways and is enhanced by the use of digital technologies. There is a Student Council of Year 3-6 students which ensures their voice is represented.


Review of Charter and Consultation


Following on from the Board of Trustees elections, the new Board engaged an outside facilitator to initiate an extensive review of our school charter.  Staff and parents were involved in this process which commenced in Term 4 2013. The Board will ensure that this document is reviewed and updated by all stakeholders annually.