Strategic Goals

Strategic Section


Our Community wants our learners to be…

Striving to be resilient, Life Long Learners, who are actively involved and contribute positively to our community.


Striving to be effective communicators who relate well to others, and are connected to their world.

Celebrating who they are, their learning, their community, and their world.

Over the next 3 years we will strategically focus on...

How resilience links to the Life Long Learner qualities and have strategies for overcoming personal setbacks when participating within a community.

Empowerment of e-learning to sustain and  innovate the use of technologies as part of an overt

focus on collaborative teaching and learning.


Improve and celebrate learning outcomes for students, particularly Māori, Pasifika, and children with special needs.


With the goal to help our learners...

Reflect on their own learning processes and to learn how to learn.

Be effective users of communication tools who actively seek, use and create knowledge.


Learn and achieve personal excellence.