What's Been Happening

Term 4 
Year 2 Skateboarding

This term we have had 2 wonderful coaches come back in to teach skateboarding, but this time it was for the Year 2s. 
It was great to see these little ones taking risks by trying something a little different and that involved so many skills! 
It has been so fantastic to see the Life Long Learning qualities of risk taking, perseverance and even making connections and reflecting as students try new things and reflect on how or why their body or board moved in a certain way. 
Thanks coaches, Julie Gibson and the senior helpers for making this possible. We had a great time!

RBS Year 2 Skateboarding - Term 4

Term 4 - Week 5
RBS Gala

On Sunday the 15th of November we had our famous Gala. 
The weather held out and provided us with a great day! 
There were loads of stalls, fun rides, games delicious food and not to mention some fantastic performances by different RBS and community groups. 
Everyone had SUCH a great day and I'm sure they left feeling exhausted from all the fun and very full from all the food!
Thank you to everyone who came along to support RBS and to all those involved in making the day such a success, especially Mrs Davies and the amazing Community Committee!

RBS Gala 2015

Term 4 - Week 5
Senior Adventure Playground Matting

Week 5 was an exciting one for the RBS Seniors as the Senior Adventure Playground was finally opened up after the installation if its fancy "new shoes".
The new rubber matting on the Senior Adventure Playground has been a long time coming and the Community Committee has put A LOT of time and effort into raising enough money to make this possible. 
Our Year 4-6 students now have an awesome place to play that not only looks amazing but is also much safer and muddy bark puddles will no longer be a problem.
The process was also super exciting for us to watch - Take a look:

RBS Senior Playground Matting

Term 4 - Week 2
Dad's Day

On Friday week 2 we had a lot of things happening. 
It was assembly, the first of our Gala mufti days AND Dad's Day!
We had such an awesome turn out of dads, uncles, grandparents, big brothers etc come along and join us during lunch time. 
The amazing Mrs Mohi and the Sports Councillors organised and ran fun games and activities for all interests and ages and we had a delicious sausage sizzle. 
We had a great lunch time packed with fun and full bellies!!
Thanks to everyone that came along on the day and to those who helped out to make this day such a success.

RBS Website: Dad's Day 2015

Term 4 - Week 1
RBS Powhiri - Welcome to New Students, Teachers and Families

In week 1 Mrs Mohi and the RBS Kapa Haka ran a Powhiri for all the new students, teachers and families to our school.
Everyone that attended showed amazing RBS RICH hearts as they made the new members of the 
RBS community feel welcome.

Once again, our Kapa Haka did a fantastic job in leading the powhiri with pride.

RBS Website: Powhiri - Term 4 2015

Term 3 - Week 10
Market Day

During the last week of Term 3 we had our RBS Market Day.
All classes had been working hard all Term to design, create and advertise their products so it was amazing to see it finally all come together.
There was such a huge range of creations available for purchasing on the night and everyone that attended walked away a happy (and some very full) customer. 
Well done students of RBS for all your hard work with this. 
We can't wait to see how you decide to spend your profit!!

Market Day 2015

Term 3 - Week 2-9

Most classes have taken part in Volleyball this Term. 
They had to take risks, make connections, persevere and reflect during the lessons to learn some tricky skills and put them into action in lots of fun games. 
They also had to show their RBS RICH hearts by respecting Jess the amazing coach as she taught us what we needed to know. What a great example of healthy people making healthy choices by getting active and involved!!
Ask me what skills I can show you and tell you about!

RBS Volleyball

Term 3 - Week 7
Interschool Cross Country

All the children who attended the interschool Cross Country took huge risks and showed AMAZING perseverance and self motivation when they competed against other schools and did their best to achieve the goals they had set for themselves on the day. 

These Life Long Learners showed radical resilience as they took responsibility for themselves to train leading up to the big race and then complete the race on the day. They did such a great job!!

We are so proud of you all and a special congratulations to Amy Bickers for placing first in her race. You go girl!

RBS Interschool Cross Country

Term 3 - Week 6
Tree Adventures

In Week 6, the Year 5 and 6’s took a trip to Tree Adventures. They showed what it looks like to be healthy people making healthy choices as they carefully took responsibility for their choices and actions whilst working their way around the courses. They had to listen very carefully to the instructors safety rules and make sure they clipped themselves on properly each time to avoid any accidents. 
It was a great day full of personal goal setting, risk taking, perseverance and A LOT of RICH hearts as everyone encouraged each other to do their best and achieve their goals for the day. 
What a great way to get active!

RBS Y5/6 Tree Adventures

Term 3 - Week 4

On Tuesday 11th August, 5 of Red Beach School’s netball teams competed in the Whangaparaoa Primary School Netball Tournament and came away with some great results. 

The Year 5/6 Magic, the Year 5/6 Steel and the team competing in the Year 4 grade had some very close games and came away with some great wins.  The Year 5 Pulse team also had some great wins, coming in 3rd overall in their Year 5 grade.  Our Year 6 Mystics team made it through to the Year 6 grade final. They had an extremely tight game against Whangaparaoa which went into extra time where they lost by two goals, resulting in gaining a well-deserved 2nd placing. 

Every one of the students involved in the day showed excellent sportsmanship and were an excellent representation of what it means to be RICH hearted. Thank you to all the parents and helpers that were involved in making such a great day possible.

RBS Website - Netball

Term 3 - Week 2

In Week 2, the Year 6 students visited Orewa and Whangaparaoa College to take a look at what they could be up to next year.

Some Year 7 and 8 students put on displays to communicate information that RBS students might need for next year.

There were even quizzes and prizes!

RBS Website - Orewa Visit

Term 3 - Week 1

We welcomed in Term 3 and our new RBS students, teachers and our Taiwanese visitors with a beautiful Powhiri in Week 1.

Our Kapa Haka did us proud as usual, leading the school in this special event.

Great job to everyone that participated and contributed to this.

You showed what it means to be RBS RICH hearted by demonstrating excellent respect and inclusive behaviour.

RBS Website 2015: Term 3 Powhiri

Term 2 - Week 10
Well done to our amazing Kapa Haka who put all their hard work and practice into action and represented RBS with pride at the Whangaparaoa Library for Matariki celebrations. 
They looked and sounded fantastic - We are very proud of you all.

Term 2 - Week 9 and 10
RBS was lucky enough to have a Scientist Mr Mueggenburg from Whangaparaoa College come and help us learn more about science. 
He brought along lots of awesome science tools and taught us about things like density, change of matter, air/floating/air pressure, chemical reactions, bacteria and even electricity.
All RBS students learnt lots and used excellent RICH hearts when listening to and watching this special visitor. 
It was great to see the connections being made and how science encompasses all of RBS's Life Long LEarning skills. 
Highlighting the importance of risk taking, persevering, reflecting and being resilient in science. 
What a fantastic opportunity!

RBS Website - Science T2 2015

Term 2 - Week 7

The Red Beach School Choir attended the Combined Schools Music Concert at Orewa College.

They took huge risks, performing in front of a big audience of parents, friends and other schools.

We are lucky enough to have some snaps of them in action to look at and celebrate the amazing job they did representing RBS with pride.

RBS Website - Choir 2015

Term 2 - Week 6
 In Week 6, over 40 Red Beach Students to Takapuna Rugby club to meet the Blues and participate in a number of skills and drills. 
The Red Beach School Rugby and Ripper teams attended the event which was funded by NZRFU and Milo. 
The students has a great time in the perfect weather and enjoyed playing games with players including Keven Mealamu and Jerome Kaino.
What an awesome experience to be a part of!

NZRFU/Milo Blues day

Term 2 - Week 5

Ki o Rahi
During week 5 the Year 4-6 students were lucky enough to have the opportunity to learn about and play Ki o Rahi. 
This is very old traditional maori game that is based on a Maori myth and is very similar to the game Tapawae (a common game in schools)
It is probably played more widely in other parts of the world than here. It is gaining in popularity in Auckland with competitions at intermediate and secondary schools. 
The game sounded complicated at first but was very easy to catch on to, especially with the help of the Ki o Rahi coaches.
The game was extremely fun and involved using a huge range of skills from all other sports, we would love to have the opportunity to play again.  

RBS Ki o Rahi

Last Tuesday Red Beach sent a team of Year 5/6 players to the North Shore Rugby League Tournament. The boys played 6 games on the day, all were very close. The team made the semifinals and lost in a golden point situation however they got up for the last game for 3rd and 4th place to win 5-2. Our two league boys Jack and Rico lead the way with great defence while Kalim, Flynn, Joseph and Ethan never shirked away from running the ball up the middle. The positive, resilient attitude and commitment of all the team members was displayed on and off the field. Big thank you to all supporters and especially Jason Smith who ran the team on the day. Team: Kalim Smith, Hamish Halls, Flynn McIntyre, Joesph Hennings, Ethan Bruce, Sam Howarth, Alister Rogers, Samual Fortes, Keenan Swart, Morgan Brown, Levi Warahi, Jack Lichtwark, Rico Cullen, Aston White, Brent Hick, Nat Fitt - (Injured but still came to support team), Coach - Jason Smith

Last Thursday Red Beach School took three teams away to the Rugby/Ripper Rugby Field day run by North Harbour at Silverdale Rugby Club. The rugby team did very well winning all three games, the most rewarding one was against Whangaparaoa primary where they won by one try in the last minute of play. The girls Ripper team played some tough games and won 2 of their 3. The Boys Ripper team started with a loss but stormed back with two very good wins. Thank you to all coaches, managers and parent support on the day. This is the first of three tournament days so watch this space for more information over the coming two term.

The Year 2-4 children are well underway with the Water Safety programme at Northern Arena. 
Children participate in a learn to swim component (water confidence, swimming fitness, stroke technique) as well as a water safety module which involves learning to use life-jackets correctly, boat safety, rescue techniques (with and without equipment) and general water safety. 
This is such a fun way for RBS students to learn to stay safe!! They love it. 

RBS Website: Swimming Y1-4 2015

This term we have had 2 wonderful coaches come in to teach skateboarding. 
This has been such a great sport for our students as it is something a little different but which involves so many skills! It has been so fantastic to see the Life Long Learning qualities of risk taking, perseverance and even making connections and reflecting as students try new things and reflect on how or why their body or board moved in a certain way. 

RBSTV Website: Skateboarding

Term 2 - Week 3:

Well done to everyone who participated in the cross country. Everyone took risks, persevered and self motivated to achieve their personal goals for the day. There was RICH behaviour and community spirit galore! Such an exciting and enjoyable day.

Well done and good luck to those people who will be representing RBS at the interschools soon.
Here are the Community results from the day:

1st - Hydrologists
2nd - Technologists
3rd - Archaeologists
4th - Volcanologists
5th - Meteorologists
6th - Seismologists

RBSTV Website: Cross Country 2015

Term 2 - Week 2:
During Week 1 and 2, the lucky Year 5 and 6 students took a trip to Northern Arena as part of their Education Outside the Classroom learning. 
They learnt lots about how to be safe around water and then they spent an hour in the pool where they learnt about how to flip an upturned boat and climb in, how to put on a life jacket correctly (while they are in the water even! Tricky stuff!), how to tread water and stay afloat using everyday objects and how to help someone that needs rescuing. 
Remember the 3 Golden Rules:
If in doubt, stay out.
Never swim alone.
Look after yourself first.
Here are some pics of their learning in action...

RBS Y5/6 Northern Arena EOTC

Term 2 - Week 1:
RBS was lucky enough to have the very talented Matt and Andy from Auckland Council come and perform.
The characters Sinical Steve and Worm the Worm helped us learn how to reduce food waste in our homes and how we can play a small part in making a difference.
Do you eat leftovers for lunch instead of throwing them out? 
Do you use leftovers in your dinners instead of buying new ingredients?
Do you have a food scrap bin or worm farm to put your food in instead of in the trash?
Do you look at the food in your cupboards/fridges and write a shopping list of what you actually need?
What do you do?

RBS Matt and Andy Show ‎‎(Y4-6)‎‎ - Term 2 Week 1

On Friday of Week 1 (the Friday before ANZAC Day) we held a special ANZAC ceremony at our very own RBS ANZAC Field of Remembrance. 
Everyone who came along showed excellent RICH attitudes as they sat and listened very respectfully and paid tribute to all those who fought for a better future.
It was a very special commemoration as it marked the 100 Year anniversary of all our amazing soldiers who landed in Gallipoli.



Term 1 - Week 8:
Well done to our dedicated Soap Box team who represented RBS all weekend. Kate, Paige, Sophie and Kayla did a great job with all but Sophie going through to the afternoon's semi-finals and Kayla Nicholls going through to drive in the Finals on Sunday
The boys in the pit crew did an amazing job keeping the pit clear, organising the weights for the cart and polishing the cart to support our team in achieving such great things. 
Yet again another opportunity to be proud of our students.
Thanks also to those dedicated parents and teachers who put in so much of their time and effort to make this experience possible.

RBS Website - Soap Box Derby

Last Thursday our amazing team of 11 swimmers had an outstanding day at the swim champs and brought the trophy back to RBS for the fourth year in a row!
The competitors showed perseverance and a powerful drive to gain placings in their individual heats and also support their fellow competitors to do well too.  Red Beach students all placed in the top 3 of their heats and continued through to the finals.
The team was: Rose Meban, Maja Tyne, Alaska Allison, Luka Fairbairn, Alistar Rogers, Sam Howarth, Amy Bickers, Hannah Turner, Rhys Davies, Nat Fitt and Kees O'Leary-Lodge.

Final Results:
1st Red Beach - 460 points
2nd Kingsway School - 258 points
3rd Stanmore Bay - 174

Boys 1st Red Beach
Girls 1st Red Beach

Final Individual Placings: Nat 2nd breaststroke, Kees 3rd backstroke, Rhys 2nd backstroke, 3rd I.M., Luka 2nd fly, 3rd freestyle, 3rd I.M., Maja 1st backstroke, 2nd freestyle, 2nd I.M., Amy 2nd breaststroke, 3rd backstroke, 3rd freestyle, 3rd fly

RBS Website: Interschool swimming

The first trip of the Year 5 and 6 Education Outside the Classroom programme was a visit to Goat Island. After some nasty weather and postponements all classes were able to snorkel with Goat Island Dive and Snorkel in the Goat Island marine reserve. Some classes visited the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre, while others took in the amazing views with a coastal walk.

RBS Website - Y5/6 Goat Island Trip

Term 1 - Week 7:

Athletics day was another big event this Term.

All the communities participated, collaborated and communicated during a day full of fun and exciting activities and events.

Everyone persevered, took risks and gave it their all to gain points for their communities.

Well done to the Volcanologists who got the most points on the day.

RBS Website: Athletics

Term 1 - Week 6:
Friday Week 6 provided stunning weather for our Walkathon. 
Here are some cool snaps risk taking, goal setting, self motivated students who persevered to complete the Walkathon on such a hot day.
The ice blocks at the end were definitely well deserved and well received!!!

RBS Website: Walkathon

On Wednesday the Year 5 and 6 students attended the Swimming Carnival at Northern Arena. Everyone had their own goals for the day during the competitive and non-competitive races. They put in 100% effort, using their Life Long Learning qualities by taking risks, self motivating and persevering to achieve these goals. 
What a great day!

RBS Website: Year 5/6 Swimming Carnival

On Wednesday and Thursday the Year 3 and 4 students visited MOTAT for an amazing class trip. They participated in many exciting interactive activities, learnt about simple machines, rode on an old Melbourne tram and so much more. 
It was definitely a trip to remember for everyone involved!

RBS Website - Year 3 and 4 MOTAT Trip

Term 1 - Week 5:
Throughout weeks 5, 6 and 7 the whole school has been very excited to have the Life Education Van here with us. Chris and Harold have been busy teaching us all about our body systems, how to be a good digital citizen and nutrition. Have a look below at some of the things we have been up to!

RBS Website - Life Education Van

Term 1 - Week 4:

On Tuesday some lucky Year 5 and 6 students participated in the O'Neil Surf Day.
They used their Life Long Learning skills during the day, taking risks, setting goals, self motivating and persevering. 
It was an awesome day filled with SO much fun. They learnt lots and everyone came away with something to celebrate.
Check out their achievements....

RBS Website: Y5/6 Surf Day - Tuesday 24th Feb

Term 1 - Week 3:

On Wednesday we had our meet the teacher evening and community picnic.
Lots of families attended, meeting their child's/children's teacher/s as well as exploring this years classes and the learning we have done so far. 
Wow! It was lovely to see so many families here to share our learning and join us for a picnic in the beautiful sun afterwards.
Who can you spot?

RBS Website - Meet the Teacher / Community Picnic